Module 2 – Contexts

Specific aims Ways of workingStructure & Length of the ModuleDownloads
  • Understanding the value of using contexts in IBL tasks in science and mathematics to support the learning process by making connections between context and concepts and apply this in classroom teaching
  • Being able to find and use real-life, relevant contexts for IBL in daily science and mathematics teaching
  • Enabling students to apply science and mathematics in real life contexts
  • Understanding how real-life relevant contexts (e.g. genetic engineering, climate change, oil drilling) and scientific and moral reasoning can promote fundamental values of our societies and apply this in classroom teaching
  • Understanding how the use of contexts in science and mathematics IBL tasks can support inclusive education and intercultural learning and apply this in classroom teaching
  • Understanding the nature, applications and implications of science and mathematics for societies
  • Making students understand that scientific decisions based on science /mathematics are also influenced by moral, ethical and social reasons.
  • Reflecting on existing beliefs and practices regarding addressing diversity and regarding IBL
  • Providing and discussing concrete subject-specific examples
  • Developing and reflecting on important principles for addressing diversity in science and mathematics classrooms
  • Experimenting with and reflecting on using IBL for diversity.

Overall length of the module: 270 minutes (+ 30 optional) + 135 minutes homework