Module 3 – Intercultural learning

Specific aims Structure & Length of the ModuleDownloads
  • To acquire knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity and social inclusion in science and mathematics education, focusing on schools and the classroom
  • To acquire knowledge and understanding of the main challenges related to teaching in multicultural classrooms, such as creating an inclusive classroom culture
  • To be able to recognize and use opportunities to include culture-related aspects in science and mathematics teaching and dealing with controversial issues (dilemma’s)
  • To gain skills to apply the course knowledge into a practical knowledge related to interventions in multicultural classrooms
  • To become reflexive of one’s own normative position and values in relation to cultural diversity
  • To learn how IBL can support students by taking into account their various cultural backgrounds
  • To learn how to use IBL to promote students’ intercultural competences by using realistic relevant contexts situated in different cultures.

Overall length of the module: 280 min + 140 min homework